There are not many things I despise more in the world than overly-angry feminists.

Women fought so that we could have a say in our society. But now, many women take this right and run disrespectfully with it. (And then we are not taken seriously about important matters.) I’m not saying to say something nice or nothing at all… How about you just don’t jump down every “piggish” man’s throat? EVERYONE IS EQUAL: Men, women, and everyone in-between.

If I see ONE MORE snarky, hate-filled remark after “not all men…”, I don’t know what I’ll do! Because you know what?! NOT ALL MEN. Just like how NOT ALL WOMEN are spiteful and obnoxious! Wow! …okay I’m done have a nice night.

ugh how i feel feminist feminism equality

There is a war coming, a terrible war. Falcone is losing his grip, and his rivals are hungry. There will be chaos. Rivers of blood in the streets.

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